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Truss Plant

Why Use TCT's Pre-Fabricated Services?

Experience & Expertise
TCT's construction design team has decades of experience and has designed and built tens of thousands of residential and commercial roofs, floors and wall panels. We don't dabble in electrical, plumbing, excavation and the rest; we simply deal with the design and erection of the wooden building shell and we do it better that anyone else.

Highest Construction Tolerance & Standards 
Building in a climate controlled factory, using the latest computerized equipment allows us to build roofs, floors, and panelized walls to a higher degree of quality than can be built in the field. In an article in The Washington Post, it stated that because of higher quality and cost savings, 94% of all residential roofs, including multi-million dollar residential mansions, now use pre-fabricated factory built roof trusses in their projects. Our roofs, floors, and walls are carefully built with the highest quality, and our standard angle tolerances are 1/16 of an inch.

Saves Time, Money, & Helps the Environment 
Our product arrives at your job site and can be erected immediately, saving you interest charges with your bank. Our production processes produce very little waste (unlike field construction) because even the smallest scraps of wood can be incorporated into web supports for roof and floor trusses. This means less material costs for you, and by using less lumber, less of a toll on the environment.

We Deliver and Sell in Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey and Maryland.

Our facility is positioned to easily access Routes 80 & 81 allowing us to serve a large territory North & South and East & West. Located in the quiet community of Berwick, we can be in New York or Philadelphia in 2 ½ hours and Baltimore and D.C. in 3 ½ hours.

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